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Reserve a Day of Play or an Overnight Stay!

Experienced and devoted dog care, catering to small breeds.

Certified in First Aid and Animal CPR by Red Cross.

Petite Dog Care has grown steadily over the last two years. We offer full time, 24-hour care and companionship for your dog in an environment that is as close to home as possible. It is truly a home away from home, as well as a place for dogs to play and socialize during the day.

We have a large fenced-in yard and plenty of open space inside as well. Guests like to relax on a couch or papasan with us or on one of the many beds set up all around the house. We take pride in maintaining a very clean home, bedding and blankets are washed daily. Multiple bowls in each room are always full with fresh filtered water.

To maintain the feeling of “home” and provide each guest with plenty of attention, we limit the number of overnight guests to 1 to 2 families per night. Someone is here at all times, dogs are never unsupervised. Our guests are treated like our own, as members of the family.

Many of our guests stay with us regularly. We know that we’ve succeeded when our guests arrive and can’t wait to get inside.  References are available and we welcome you to arrange a visit to meet us and see for yourself.

Terry, Lucy and Francie on the hammock

Terry, Lucy and Francie on the hammock